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COVID-19 discussion for victim advocates (civilian / NACP) s to support each other, discuss challenges they may be facing and, provide resource materials.
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Welcome to the Victim Advocate COVID-19 Discussion Forum

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Thank you for joining NOVA's COVID-19 Victim Advocate Forum. While we're navigating these uncharted waters, we wanted to give you all a place to come together to discuss any issues you're having related to COVID-19 response, how you're coping, and what challenges you're facing working from home.

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Re: Welcome to the Victim Advocate COVID-19 Discussion Forum

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Thank you for creating this!

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Dr. Phil's COVID- 19 Live Discussions

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Hello, all.

This is great that we have a discussion forum now. This is quite an interesting, productive way to spend our time in quarantine.

I have been watching a special web-based show, "Dr. Phil at Home" on YouTube every day. He discusses many issues of COVID-19 and its psychological impacts, and how much more needs to be done for victims and families when we are all in quarantine. Many of us know that all too familiar "cabin fever" can come about when depression and anxiety sets in; thus, violent acts can often result. He raises an important issue on this topic --that shutting down our economy and requiring that everyone be quarantined is going to cost us "as many or more lives than the virus" (McGraw, 2020).

That's a scary thought.

We can all get overwhelmed, even Victims Advocates. Even though we respond to/advocate for victims of violence, we can get overwhelmed, too..and that could impact the way we help others. I would definitely recommend watching these live half-hour discussions Dr. Phil holds.

Here is one I watched yesterday morning, called "COVID-19: Branded and Scorned".

Thanks for reading, and take care :D ! --Emmy Kakar

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Re: Welcome to the Victim Advocate COVID-19 Discussion Forum

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Please share any difficulties you have come up against while providing services during COVID.

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