Talking with very young children about COVID-19

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Talking with very young children about COVID-19

Post by srhartley »

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to explain COVID-19 to little kids who are old enough to understand basic logic but don't understand why they can't go see grandparents and other loved ones who are vulnerable? In addition, how can we explain why they can't go to closed places they previously visited, like the zoo or a public playground? Young victims of sex exploitation crimes may think they are being blamed and punished by not letting them go places they enjoy.

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Re: Talking with very young children about COVID-19

Post by ColeenC »

Willis Events & Marketing created "Coronavirus Explained for Children", this animated video for pre-school and primary school children to help them understand what Coronavirus means to them and offer comfort and reassurance during these extraordinary times.

Action for Happiness produces monthly coping calenders to help us look after ourselves and each other as we face this crisis together.

Be well!

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Re: Talking with very young children about COVID-19

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Thank you for bringing this up! I think that this is an issue that many parents and caregivers are struggling with. I was able to find a few helpful resources from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress: ... avirus.pdf ... ildren.pdf

Do any parents out there have suggestions based on what has worked well for them?

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